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Lowe's Home Improvement offers a wide variety of tubs, showers, toilets, sinks, tiles, flooring, lighting and more for all of your bathroom remodel needs.  Find a number of stylish remodel ideas and shop for popular products to complete the look.  Lowe's also provides installation services for an easy upgrade, whether your bathroom remodel is large or small.
Home Depot offers a wide variety of appliances, sinks, flooring, lighting and more for all of your kitchen remodel needs.  Find a number of stylish remodel ideas and shop for popular products to complete the look.  Home Depot also offers in-home kitchen site analysis and flexible financing to help make your dream kitchen a reality.
Visit this bathroom and kitchen website for information about bathroom and kitchen service providers throughout the United States. Each directory entry includes contact info and category tags, plus a website link.

The kitchen is often a gathering place for friends and family and a focal point of the house. Upgrading appliances or updating your kitchen cabinetry or counter tops is a good way to add value to your home.

This kitchen guide features convenient links to kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and more, as well as a helpful remodeling guide.

This guide to home improvement features helpful information and links to a variety of home improvement-related websites.

This online advertising guide for the construction industry features a discussion of the building trades plus links to commercial and residential construction websites.


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