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This lift truck directory comprises information about lift truck suppliers throughout the United States. The lift truck image on this page depicts a forklift truck and palletized crates. Each directory listing includes contact information and a website link.

1 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.
10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.





from G5311; to elevate (literally or figuratively):--exalt, lift up.

  1. to lift up on high, to exalt
  2. metaph.
    1. to raise to the very summit of opulence and prosperity
    2. to exalt, to raise to dignity, honour and happiness

Strong's Number G5312 Bible Verses





a primitive root; to be high actively, to rise or raise (in various applications, literally or figuratively):--bring up, exalt (self), extol, give, go up, haughty, heave (up), (be, lift up on, make on, set up on, too) high(-er, one), hold up, levy, lift(-er) up, (be) lofty, (X a-)loud, mount up, offer (up), + presumptuously, (be) promote(-ion), proud, set up, tall(-er), take (away, off, up), breed worms.

  1. to rise, rise up, be high, be lofty, be exalted
    1. (Qal)
      1. to be high, be set on high
      2. to be raised, be uplifted, be exalted
      3. to be lifted, rise
    2. (Polel)
      1. to raise or rear (children), cause to grow up
      2. to lift up, raise, exalt
      3. to exalt, extol
    3. (Polal) to be lifted up
    4. (Hiphil)
      1. to raise, lift, lift up, take up, set up, erect, exalt, set on high
      2. to lift up (and take away), remove
      3. to lift off and present, contribute, offer, contribute
    5. (Hophal) to be taken off, be abolished
    6. (Hithpolel) to exalt oneself, magnify oneself
  2. (Qal) to be rotten, be wormy

Strong's Number H7311 Bible Verses

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